One Course Fits All

With SHIFT you can create courses for all screen sizes... even for devices yet to come.

Why Go Responsive?

Courses respond to user’s behaviors

Your learners now demand the freedom to access learning on any and all devices, wherever and whenever they need it.

It is future-proof

As a new mobile device hits the market every other day, be assured that your learners will make the switch from one device to the next before you can say “responsive”.

One version for all devices

You develop one—and only one course—that adapts automatically and in real time to the different devices and screen resolutions used through the day.

Just-in-time learning

Deliver performance support to learners just when they need it the most.

Get Started Right Away

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned eLearning professional, the interface is easy to use and there is no coding required. Select from our 100+ ready-to-use, responsive layouts to get started in minutes.

“It’s awesome to use SHIFT because we’re able to move so fast. If I had to do this through traditional training it would have taken months to launch a course!”— Hellmuth Solé, Toyota Motor Corp.

Award-Winning Mobile Technology

A cutting-edge mobile authoring system like SHIFT’s provides a great opportunity for trainers to connect with learners in a totally new way across a range of media.

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