SHIFT Feature Tour

SHIFT is a fully comprehensive, all-inclusive, and diverse authoring tool.  It’s simple, smart and flexible. Even if you know how to code, you’ll be thankful for how much faster it is with SHIFT.


SHIFT’s easy and flexible development center satisfies everyone, from non-designers to advanced coders.

All in one place

SHIFT integrates your full eLearning toolset in one single place.

Full Collaboration

With SHIFT as the central place for eLearning projects, there’s no confusion about who’s working on what.

Choose from more than +400 responsive screen templates

Designing eLearning can be a hard task,  but we’ve got you covered. SHIFT comes integrated with over 400 ready-to-use HTML5 and FLASH screen templates  to help you get started quickly. Having access to this wide-range library of templates gives you the flexibility of choosing from a diverse set of interactions – no programming experience necessary.

One-Push Publishing to Multiple Devices

Because we know that your learners aren’t chained to a PC, SHIFT allows you to create a course once, and automatically publish it on all devices (be it a desktop or a mobile device). You don’t need redesign and adapt the course for each delivery option.

This means SHIFT goes beyond just HTML5 output; it dynamically adapts content for any screen, resolution, or aspect ratio. It lets you design for all devices simultaneously—even the ones that don’t exist yet.

What Our Clients Say

SHIFT made us eLearning enthusiasts. It’s so easy to use, plus it makes the courses look very professional and engaging

Characters and Scenarios

Most learners can become bored easily. Save the day with SHIFT’s human-like avatars and scenarios, which are customizable, automatically lip-synched and just one click away. On top of that, they work on all devices and no programming is needed. Basically, SHIFT lets a total novice include realistic, high-definition characters into any course.

Wide Variety of Evaluation Types

SHIFT has more than 80 different pre-built, instructionally-rich learning evaluation templates that can run on any device (desktops and mobile). There is no programming required and, adding audio or even images to them is a breeze.

Learning evaluations range within an extended variety of functionalities, styles, designs and colors, classified in families: choice, matching, formative, hotspot, drag and drop and fill in the blanks.

Customize Everything You Want

With just a few clicks, you can add a background to any screen and make your course a completely customized training product.

If you simply want to assign a color, select it from the available options and instantly see the changes. But that’s not all… if you need to add an image as a background, you can select one from our gallery or upload your own image from your computer.

Responsive Learning Games

From Mountain Bike to Beach Volleyball, SHIFT offers more than 15 different learning games to choose from. This gives eLearning designers an easy but powerful tool that helps engage participants in no time.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

No programming. Full freedom. SHIFT helps you get straight to what matters most — better content and more meaningful learning experiences.

Share and Re-utilize

SHIFT’s templates can be tagged and can then be imported into other courses.  Reutilization is simple and quick.


SHIFTS’s approach to graphic design resides in automation – radical,  simplification of learning evaluations, avatars and pre-loaded animations.


Go beyond the restrictions of any authoring tool and build mobile-ready interactions with greater flexibility.