"With the use of SHIFT, we have been able to reduce our eLearning development time by over 60%"

- Sandra Hanna
Bomgar University Senior Manager

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“The number one thing I love about using SHIFT is that it allows me create on-the-fly courses and make all sorts of changes as the need arises. With SHIFT, we don’t have to sacrifice quality for speed.”

Hellmuth Sole – Regional Education Manager
Toyota Motor Corporation – Latin America & the Caribbean LACD TC

“SHIFT is helping us create high-impact courses… we are creating media-rich courses that engage learners and produce focused, measurable results.”

Jorge Becerril – Human Resources Manager
ICA Fluor


“We can no longer imagine working without SHIFT. It helps us increase both productivity and quality, because we create courses faster and make the necessary changes quickly. Definitely recommended.”

Luis Carlos Montoya – Training Specialist
GlaxoSmithKline Central America and Dominican Republic