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Create responsive eLearning Courses with unrivalled ease and speed.

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Collaborate in real-time

Because it is integrated and online, everyone can work within SHIFT simultaneously.

Zero technical skills

SHIFT makes it easy, even fun, to create, customize and publish an eLearning course. No programming is needed.

Have all in one place

No plug-ins or add-ons required; everything you will need is built right in!

Increased flexibility

Don’t sacrifice power and interactivity in your development process. With SHIFT, take flexibility to a whole new level.

Drive Maximum Engagement

If you really want to engage your learner, you’ll need to seek out opportunities for interaction and use the right media whenever possible.
With SHIFT, anyone can create visually compelling training courses that seamlessly play across phones, tablets, and browsers.


The features you need for maximum engagement.


The features you need for maximum engagement.


The features you need for maximum engagement.


The features you need for maximum engagement.


Reduce development time by 2/3

SHIFT streamlines the eLearning development process, automating manual processes workflows and time consuming tasks.


Cut training costs by 1/2

For every hour of eLearning created in SHIFT, companies are able to save tons in training costs. Achieving a lot more with a lot less of money.


1/2 reduction in effort

SHIFT, greatly reduces the complexity of multi-device content development. Just author one version of content. No resizing. No rework. Maximum power with maximum simplicity.

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"SHIFT has given us the ability to rapidly create quality eLearning for our clients. The management of audio files and ability to import translated text for multiple languages is unsurpassed in the industry."


"Instead of being held back by our team’s technical limitations, SHIFT has opened the door to all sorts of possibilities. We are able to create amazing courses easily."


"With the use of Shift Bomgar has been able to reduce our eLearning development time by over 60%.SHIFT is definitely our tool of choice for rapid eLearning development. We have been using for almost five years!"

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