Our Company


Our job is to make eLearning an experience

Like you, we’ve seen hundreds of boring eLearning courses made with complex tools that involve too many processes and players. eLearning should be easy and fast to create while engaging learners with interesting content – not dull and boring presentations. So we decided to do something about it. We created a disruptive and totally innovative eLearning development tool. We’re committed to creating products that help your business succeed. Teams often have to choose between quality, development speed, or cost. With SHIFT, your team can have all three. Our rich, preconfigured interactions provide a high quality, rich media experience for the user, with zero need for programming on your part.

Where did the idea come from?

We wanted to create an eLearning development tool that was fun to work with, painless to create, and worthy to have. eLearning might just be a training tool, but the ability to help companies and individuals painlessly generate powerful and engaging material to reach out to their learners was something we thought had to be done. Our main objective while developing SHIFT was to provide users with the ability to control the whole development process, thus eliminating reliance on third parties. To achieve this goal, we decided to implement an intuitive platform that could easily be handled by anyone with basic computer skills. Based on the Internet as a means of global communication, SHIFT became a secure content repository that is accessible from anywhere at any time, boosting collaborative work and allowing ease of handling for hundreds of projects at the same time.


We believe in being disruptive

An innovative proposal, which was created by the members of our development team, broke all the paradigms that had been in place since the beginning of business. Business school students are presented with the traditional scheme of development, which suggests that there must be a balance between time spent, cost and quality. There is the possibility of moving around the surface of the “delta” in order to position the product. If quality in the development process is desired, one must consider an increase in the time it takes to do this as well as the cost involved. Our proposal establishes stop moving in or on the surface and instead getting “inside the triangle” – in other words, it finds a central point that would provide reduced costs and decreased turnaround times while maintaining the highest quality.


Back in the day...

How SHIFT began

About 12 years ago, a group of engineers and businessmen at a company called Aura Interactiva started developing technology based learning. After a few months, it became evident that even though they were doing technology-based learning, the process was manual. Coordinating work, collaboration, media tracking, media recording, interface design and programming… Lots of tasks, high labor component.

Development was complicated back then. Instructional designers needed technical development personnel to support them. Our 5 instructional designers were supported by 5 graphic designers and 5 programmers. Our 15 person team, we called “the cell”. As our company grew, we added a second, a third and then a fourth “cell”.

Growth was becoming complicated. Finding talented technical personnel was becoming a challenge and was expensive. Many of our clients had unpredictable development schedules, so they would flood us with work one month and our 4 cells would work overtime to have them at 50% capacity the following month.

This is when we started identifying tasks that could be, with the right technology, automated. We started passionately pursuing automation, and ever since that time, we’ve adopted automation through technology as our main competitive advantage.

We started automating audio editing and management. Then we automated interface design, followed by navigation and standards compliance. Automation continued for several years and in as much areas as we could.

In 2009 we realized that some of our corporate clients, some individual Instructional Designers and even some competitors –custom eLearning developers- could use our technology for dramatic improvement in time-to-market, improvement in margins and profits… This is when we started selling SHIFT. Soon, it started winning awards and clients.

Today, SHIFT is continually evolving in our pursuit to become the easiest, quickest and most economic way to develop eLearning. We are empowering thousands of Instructional Designers, teachers, students, professors and all sorts of experts, to create highly interactive content with no technical skills and no dependence on development teams.