Looking for a powerful and easy-to-use eLearning development tool?

With SHIFT you’ll have the best of both worlds:

Create the experience of a rich media course with the man-hours of a rapid development tool. Simplify the transformation of content without compromising on the quality of your end product.

Ridiculously easy to use

Ridiculously easy to use

SHIFT, an eLearning development tool created with the user in mind, has all the necessary elements to empower you to create rich, interactive courses, with zero technical skills. You’ll be an eLearning rockstar in no time!

Highly Interactive Screens

Highly Interactive Screens

Create engaging eLearning courses quickly and easily by using our more than 250 highly interactive pre-build screens. Add assessments, system simulations, games, exploration screens, and so much more. Use them over and over again in all your courses!

Powerful business tool

Powerful business tool

SHIFT empowers your company by enabling all members of your team to work together on eLearning courseware through a secure interface, thus saving time and money. Our promise: Lower costs, faster to market, and a richer user experience.

The perfect bundle of features with powerful functionality.

Features that work together to create eLearning courses easily, quickly and more effectively.

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Find the plan that’s best for you! Basic plans starting at $350/mo. Enterprise plans start at $850/mo.

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